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 Air Cooled Combined Dryer

Air Cooled Combined Dryer

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High Efficiency and Energy Saving
With a unique design, compact structure of the pre cooler, evaporator, gas liquid separator
Integrated aluminum magnesium alloy heat exchanger, to reduce energy consumption 30%

Compact and Durable
Adsorption tower filled with special diffusion device, the air distribution uniformity, avoid channeling phenomenon, reducing the loss of pressure, prolong the service life of the adsorbent.
No basis for the installation of integration.

Stable and reliable
The gas-liquid separator and the drainage device unique, guarantee the stability of the dew
The high efficient system of super special adsorbent, dew point is more stable and reliable
The cut-off valve of high quality, action is accurate and reliable, and the pressure loss is superior to the conventional valve.
The use of advanced Siemens microcomputer control, performance excellence, optional AB, Schneider and other brands of PLC

Advanced control system

Excellent controllability with selection of high-end configuration of the PLC unit, mode of operation and reasonable, with in situ,The remote and multiple linkage control function, and with the air compressor interlock, through the realization of DCS in the unattended condition.24 hours of safe operation, and DCS system for real-time communication, operation time, start stop time interval.The timing and so on; the company has the copyright of computer software, can be customized according to customer demand for advanced control program.

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