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Hangzhou Jialong Air Equipment Co., Ltd. is located at the beautiful West Lake in the xiacheng industrial park, adjacent to the Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Convenient transportation ....


  • It employs ambient air for heating, regeneration and cooling of absorption towers, so it can save a lot of dried air compared with micro-heat regenerative adsorption dryer.
  • At high temperature, heavy dust environment, using a new type of tube structure can increase the heat exchange area.In the low dust environment, using the plate type rear cooler can reduces the energy consumption of about 20%.......
  • The condenser heat transfer effect reduction was because water scales inside the copper pipe. We mixed cleaning formulation accordingly which can dissolve these incrustant effectively
  • Combined with the advantages of freezing, adsorption, developed a combined dryer low dew point, low running cost
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