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  • 2000

    Jialong was founded

  • 2001

    ISO9001 Quality Management System certificated

  • 2002

    Established partnership and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Ocean Technology Research Co Ltd who is one of the largest compressed air treatment equipment and professional manufacturers in Japan

  • 2005

    Reached cooperation intention with the Southwest Chemical Research and Design Institute, and produces all kinds of pressure swing adsorption air separation & purification equipment depending on their powerful design capabilities.

  • 2006

    Develop new products with the Institute of Biological Engineering in Zhejiang University of Technology.
    Waste heat regenerative adsorption dryer was developed successfully.
    ISO14001 Environmental Management System certificated.

  • 2007

    Was the "high-tech enterprises at the provincial level".
    The combined dryer was rated as "high-tech products".
    Got the first batch of State Council promulgated the "production license" in the peer.

  • 2008

    Was identified as the " high tech enterprise of national" in the first batch.
    "Waste-heat regenerative adsorption dryer" project was listed as one of National Torch Plan Projects. 
    Cleaning machine, feeding machine and other dryer maintenance equipment was successfully extended to the market.
    ISO10012 Measurement Management System certificated.

  • 2009

    Control program which researched and developmented by ours own independently won the "computer software copyright".

  • 2010

    Our R & D center was in the first identified as Municipal Research Center in Hangzhou counterparts.

  • 2011

    Passed review of the "National High Tech Enterprise"  successfully.
    Zero gas consumption heat regenerative adsorption dryer and a new type of plate fin type dryer were extended to the market.

    Self-adaptive control of waste heat reclaim adsorption type compressed air drying device accessed  the National Science and Technology of Small and Medium-sized Technology Innovation Fund support .

    The efficient oxygen technical cooperation project with Jiangnan University was listed in Industry Research Manufacture Cooperation Projects by Hangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

  • 2012

    Passed the "Production License" 5 years audit at once.

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